FMA is the Canadian member of the GSF. The GSF is now arranging a quarterly detailed analysis of global ocean container service.

The GSF recently issued the detailed report on global ocean container service for the fourth quarter of 2020. The analysis and reports are a joint project of the GSF and MDS Transmodal, a UK based firm of transportation economists.

The news release, which can be accessed at the first link below, summarizes the results of the 33-page quarterly report which can be accessed at the second link below.

The report provides detailed analysis of service and associated carrier costs and revenue trends. The detailed information in this report will be useful in the FMA outreach to Transport Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency, and the Commissioner of Competition on container shipping problems faced by both exporters and importers.

The authors summarize the Q4 results with the following statement:

Importers and exporters around the world are paying record high shipping rates but receiving appalling levels of service reliability, confirms the latest quarterly review of the container shipping market issued today (5 March) by MDS Transmodal and the Global Shippers’ Forum.