Supply Chain Executive of the Year

The Supply Chain Executive of the Year Award honours an individual in the supply chain community who has shown innovative leadership, dedication and commitment to the practice of supply chain management within the freight transportation and logistics industry.

The selection criteria are:

  • Innovation in the practice of transportation and logistics management;
  • Innovation in technology and technological applications in transportation and logistics management;
  • Contribution to transportation and logistics through developing new concepts, problem-solving techniques or new methods of instruction;
  • Contribution to the origination and dissemination of transportation and logistics knowledge;
  • Contribution to the greater awareness of the nature and significance of transportation and logistics within the greater community, the government and the public;
  • Promotion of sound legislation which forwards the concept of safe, effective, efficient and competitive transportation services for FMA members.

Nominations are now open! Email nominations to by Friday, September 16, 2022.

2021 Winner
Kleo Landucci
Ashcroft Terminal

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Past Supply Chain Executive Winners!

  • 2019
    Neil McKenna
    Canadian Tire

  • 2018
    Serge Carestia
    Home Depot Canada

  • 2017
    Martial Hamel

  • 2016
    Jaime DeKelver
    NSC Minerals

  • 2015
    Craig Olley
    Teck Coal

  • 2014
    Tim Kennedy
    Viterra Inc.
  • 2011
    Michael Tan
    Hudson’s Bay Company
  • 2010
    Robert Bryson
    Parrish & Heimbecker
  • 2009
    Wes Armour
    Armour Transportation Systems

  • 2008
    Michael Grier
    Avon Products
  • 2007
    Claude Germain
    Schenker of Canada Ltd.

  • 2006
    Ron Carter
    Clearwater Seafoods

  • 2005
    Matt Mucciacito
    Canadian Tire Corp.

  • 2004
    Ginnie Venslovaitis
    Unilever Canada Inc.

  • 2003
    Larry Stephenson
    IMC Canada Ltd.

  • 2002
    Cyril Eckl

  • 2001
    Jim Higginbottom

  • 2000
    Graham Allen
    Noranda Inc.

  • 1999
    Jack McMunn
    Canpotex Ltd.

  • 1998
    Bill Cooper
    Self-employed grain farmer

  • 1997
    Bill Burns
    General Motors Diesel Division

  • 1996
    Andrew Kampf
    Seagram Americas

  • 1995
    Bill Clarke
    Hudson’s Bay Company

  • 1994
    Kevin Doyle
    Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd.

  • 1993
    Terry Park
    Novacor Chemicals Ltd.

  • 1992
    Paul Jobe
    The Quaker Oats Co. of Canada Ltd.

  • 1991
    Terry Garvey
    Westar Mining Ltd.

  • 1990
    Elwood Dillman
    Scotia Investments Ltd.

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