What FMA can do for You

Only FMA has the focus and expertise to seize opportunities in this ever-changing global economy. Join today and be part of the growing number of companies that have chosen FMA as their VOICE!

FMA gives our members a voice with Government through advocacy, provides networking opportunities and information dissemination that helps Canadian businesses remain competitive through a cost-effective, safe and efficient transportation system.

FMA membership brings with it many valuable benefits, including:

  • Government Relations & Advocacy:  FMA is industry’s major contact with government on freight transportation issues.  FMA can also advise members on the appropriate government officials that should be contacted on specific transportations issues and, where appropriate, can arrange and accompany member representatives at meetings with government officials.

  • Knowledge:  You will be eligible to attend various seminars, briefing sessions, and our annual conference & exhibition at member discounts and will have access to the most current information to better manage your logistics. 

  • Committees:  FMA has four major modal committees that meet as required to discuss important issues and develop FMA positions.  The four committees include air, marine, rail, and truck.

  • News: Members are kept informed on current issues through the bi-weekly e-newsletter and on emerging issues through special e-mail and member bulletins.

  • Transportation Issues:  Weekly distribution of Canadian and U.S. diesel fuel RACK rates related to trucking.  These rates help to determine fair and reasonable responses to fuel surcharge requests.

  • Networking:  Members enjoy great opportunities to meet potential business partners and others who lead and influence the industry through participation on committees, our annual conference and exhibition, and at various briefing sessions.

  • Publications:  You will have access to FMA’s Standard Bill of Lading.  You will also receive our bi-weekly newsletter and our annual magazine, The Shipper ADVOCATE

  • Global Shippers Forum:   FMA is the Canadian member of the Global Shippers Forum and, as such, has access to information on initiatives of other governments and international agencies.

  • Advertising and Promotion:  FMA offers valuable opportunities to sponsor during leading edge events.  Advertising opportunities are available in the magazine and the website for added exposure.  We also offer free listings for members to post job openings within their company on our website and monthly e-news bulletin.

  • Media Spokesperson:   FMA is sought after by both the main-stream and trade media to provide shipper views on current events and issues.

  • Website Services:  The website offers a wealth of information and valuable industry links that members can use every day.  In addition, you will have access to the members-only portion of the website.

FMA represents the transportation interests of companies that contribute more than $100 billion annually to the Canadian economy. Members purchase over $4 billion a year in transportation services.

Help shape the future of the
freight transportation industry!