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FMA is a strong voice with the government on policy, legislation and regulation and is a leader in providing current information about freight transportation to media and other stakeholders. The Association also provides networking opportunities and information dissemination to help Canadian businesses remain competitive in the industry.


“The FMA is one voice representing the shippers’ challenges and opportunities in air, rail, marine, and road.”
“FMA has provided great value to us as an organization – focusing their efforts and addressing the concerns shippers are challenged within an ever-changing and complex regulatory environment.”
“Networking opportunities outside of your existing industry.”
“The value in joining FMA has surpassed many other associations… providing significant benefit and value in areas that are affecting shippers today.”
“The FMA is one voice representing the shippers’ challenges and opportunities in air, rail, marine, and road.”
“FMA provides unprecedented focus and value that we require as an organization…addressing the many modal challenges facing us today.”
Mike Cormier, Former Vice-President of Supply Chain, Scotia Investments Inc.
“FMA is of value to organizations that do not have a regulatory group to follow the tariff manoeuvres implemented by the railways.”
“FMA is able to monitor the ongoing constant railway lobby in Ottawa. In our case, this is why we joined and also to support the organization.”
“FMA provided the most comprehensive coverage on the CP labour situation. Its newsletters and communications are at the top of our industry in Canada.”
Katherine Bamford, Director of Trade Development, Port of Vancouver
“FMA is a “voice at the table” for legislative issues between shippers and carriers, both domestically and internationally.”
Neil McKenna, V.P. Transportation, Canadian Tire Corporation
“A facilitator between shippers and the OTA/CTA.”
“FMA provides updates on key legislative and regulatory changes that impact shippers in all modes of transportation.”


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