The CSCT was established several years ago by Transport Canada to bring together various supply chain partners to discuss and monitor rail freight service across Canada.

The CSCT met by video conference on December 11, 2020 for an update by various stakeholders, including the federal government, on the recent experience with rail service. The Minister of Transport, The Hon. Marc Garneau, participated in part of the conference and provided some opening comments.

The meeting consisted of short updates by various stakeholders. The first update was from the shipper community was given by John Corey, Vice-President of FMA. John became President of FMA on January 1, 2021.

John’s presentation was followed by CN, CP and various terminal and port representatives. This was followed by a Transport Canada(TC) presentation on the proposed new regulations that TC is drafting to obtain more compete and more timely information on service from the Class 1 railways.

The bilingual summary of the discussion can be found at the link at the red bar below. While the summary shows as being 31 pages, it is bilingual and includes a list of all the participants. The text, summarizing the discussion is 10 pages in English and 11 pages in French.

Feedback or questions from FMA members on the issues as reported in the summary, are welcome and will be helpful in our continuing outreach to the government and other stakeholders.