In 2018, the Canada Transportation Act was amended to require the Class 1 railways to submit their winter operations contingency plans to Transport Canada by the end of September each year. CN and CP have announced their winter contingency plans for the winter of 2020-2021on September 30.

The contingency plans outline their respective detailed planning, investment, asset and staffing arrangements.

CN executive summary comments on their plan as follows

CN has prepared this 2020-2021 Winter Plan in accordance with the requirements of Canada’s Transportation Modernization Act and with the input of key stakeholders. It sets out the priorities, investments and measures CN has undertaken, and will make, to ensure it is ready to face the coming winter and meet the demand for transportation of goods from its customers.

The link to the 32 page CN winter plan can be accessed at the first red bar below.

The CP executive summary highlights the following points

Our collaboration and cooperation with external organizations, including our customers, other important components of the integrated supply chain and government ministries and agencies.

How we communicate with our customers and current initiatives to improve this communication.

An assessment of our ability to move grain and all other commodities, during the upcoming winter season, based on our current winter forecasts and anticipated customer demand; an overview of our 2020 capital expenditure plan; and a summary of capacity enhancing projects in our western region. The report concludes with a summary of our locomotive modernization program and our current hiring plans.

The link to the 24 page CP winter contingency plan can be accessed at the second red bar below.

Both railways stress the importance of communication with their customers. Should your company experience communication problems with the railways as the winter operation progresses, let us know and FMA will attempt to assist.