CP has issued the following update on it’s acquisition of the Central Maine and Quebec Railway. The sale is expected to close on June 3, 2020. This line was originally owned by CP and was the CP connection to the Saint John NB

CP Bulletin

Purchase of the CMQ (Central Maine & Quebec)
Achat du CMQ (Chemin de fer du Centre du Maine et du Québec)

Further to our prior message concerning purchase of the CMQ, the following will provide more details for customers moving traffic to, through or from the former CMQ network.

The sale is expected to close on June 3, 2020. In order to ensure an orderly transfer of operations there will be a short shut down of operations beginning at 0000 EST June 4 (2200 MST June 3) and ending 0600 EST (0400 MST) June 4.

For traffic originating on CMQ, cars should continue to be ordered from the CMQ if the requested spot will occur on or before June 3. Car orders for spotting on the CMQ on or after June 4 should be completed via Customer Station. Cars originating on CP and going to or through the CMQ should continue to be ordered from CP.

For cars located on the CMQ, please continue to report car events such as loaded or empty car releases to the CMQ until 0000 EST June 4. After 0000 EST, CMQ will cease taking car information on CMQ stations. This shutdown will allow CMQ to process the data for transfer to CP. Starting on June 4 0000 EST, please release cars on CP Customer Station.

In order to ensure the best possible transfer of data to CP, we request that all releases for CMQ stations be provided before 1900 EST on June 3.

For waybilling, please continue to waybill cars using existing routes to, from or through the CMQ stations until June 4. For any loaded cars en-route from CMQ stations on June 4, CMQ will arrange to move the cars on the new route via CP. For any cars waybilled on or after June 4, please bill the cars using the new routes over CP.

Cars originating at CMQ stations on or after June 4 should be waybilled through Customer Station. Cars originating at CP stations after June 4 should continue to be waybilled through your existing process.

Please contact your account manager or customer service representative at 1-888-333-8111 if you have any questions.