Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading (BOL) remains one of the most fundamental and important shipping documents. It is evidence of a contract between the shipper and the carrier and acts as a receipt that the carrier has accepted the shipment in good order.

Many current BOLs do not reflect current law and regulation. The new copyright FMA BOL, developed by Gowlings law firm, includes, or references, all current laws and regulations as of March 2009 for truck, rail or intermodal truck/rail shipments in Canada.

The front of the bill updates and clarifies a number of requirements such as the requirement for inclusion of an emergency response telephone number if the bill is for a dangerous goods shipment. The new federal Condition of Carriage Regulations are included on the reverse side of the bill and the reverse side also incorporates the federal railway and provincial trucking terms & conditions by reference. The website links to the rail regulation and to each provincial regulation are also included on the reverse side.

What Do You Get?

The electronic package, sent by e-mail, includes three pdf files:

  • General Introduction and typical provincial Terms and Conditions for truck transport, based on the Alberta regulation. This document is annotated to indicate where there are significant differences in other provincial regulations from the Alberta regulation.
  • A “locked” pdf version of the BOL (front and reverse sides) that can be used “as is” as a standard BOL.
  • An “unlocked” pdf version that purchasers can customize to meet their specific company needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • For FMA Members, a one-time payment of: $500 + applicable taxes
  • For other companies, a one-time payment of: $800 + applicable taxes

* An electronic copy will be sent once payment is received. *

A web-based electronic version is under consideration for future development.

For more information, please contact Cindy Hick at (613) 599-3283 x 2.

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