The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is a science-based regulatory agency with the mandate to safeguard Canada’s plants, animals and food supply. As Canada’s national plant protection organization, the CFIA works to prevent the introduction to, and spread of, invasive pests of plants in Canada in order to protect Canada’s agriculture, forestry and environmental sectors from the negative economic and environmental impacts of those pests. This work includes import and domestic movement regulations and monitoring for invasive species that are not yet in Canada.

CFIA has recently contacted FMA regarding the spotted lanternfly. The spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula, Hemiptera: Fulgoridae) is an impressive and colourful insect native to Asia. It is not yet known to exist in Canada but is a potential threat to Canada’s grape, fruit tree and forestry industries. CFIA reports that, while not reported in Canada, it has been found in several US states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York.

CFIA has asked FMA to reach out to the broad shipper community to provide relevant information, including the spotted lanternfly pest identification card.

CFIA specifically requests as follows:

As an organization with members who have large and varied supplier and shipping networks, the Freight Management Association of Canada is well positioned to assist with prevention and early detection of spotted lanternfly by raising awareness of this pest among your members so that they can do the same with their employees, shippers, transporters and suppliers. This would include keeping an eye out for this pest on products, vehicles, equipment, containers and conveyances and removing any detections, ideally prior to entering Canada. If anyone thinks they have detected spotted lanternfly in Canada we would ask that they kill the pest, take a photo of it, place it in a secure container and immediately contact their local CFIA office to report it.

Additional English and French information on the spotted lanternfly can be found at:

PDF versions, English and French, of the identification cards can be found below.


R. H. Ballantyne, P. Eng.
Special Advisor
Freight Management Association of Canada
(613) 599-8993 ext. 3