FMA Letter to the Labour Minister

As approved by the Board of Directors, FMA has written to the Hon. Filomena Tassi, Minister of Labour, with copies to the Prime Minister, The Transport Minister and several other Cabinet Ministers. The letter can be found by clicking on the red bar below.

We have evidence of the damage resulting from last summer’s strike and it is imperative that the government take action to head-off any further labour disruptions at the Port of Montreal.

FMA recommends that member companies also reach out to the Labour Minister, other Cabinet Ministers, and to MPs in ridings where your facilities are located. Please feel free to use any of the wording in the FMA letter and if you wish, you can send an email to any Cabinet Minister or MP, attaching the FMA letter, indicating your company’s support for the FMA message.

Other Comments

Late last week the Maritime Employers Association (MEA), the management negotiating agency, contacted FMA. As the negotiations are continuing, they were unable to provide any details, but the implications of their comments were that they were not optimistic of a settlement before the end of the “truce” agreement at 0659 hours, March 21.

The earliest that a strike or lockout notice could be issued is therefore 0700 hours, March 21 and the minimum notice period is 72 hours, meaning the earliest a work stoppage could begin is 0700 hours, Wednesday, March 24.

We will keep the FMA membership apprised as new information becomes available.