Service Update – All Modes


CP Service Highlights published yesterday report as follows:

We do not anticipate any flooding issues on our network at this time.

CP is proactively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation and taking appropriate action where required. Our trains continue to operate throughout North America, and the U.S.-Canada border remains open for trade. CP expects operating conditions to remain seasonal for our intermodal traffic in the coming week.


FMA previously reported on shipper concerns about the reduction in Oceanex Inc. container service between the Port of Montreal and St. John’s, Newfoundland. Oceanex has indicated that there could be a further reduction.

Oceanex is the main carrier of essential supplies to Newfoundland, particularly to the populated area on the Avalon Peninsula, including St. John’s. Further reduction would impact many industries in the FMA membership, particularly retail, chemical, and suppliers of food and other processed commodities.

FMA has written to the Minister of Transport, requesting that Transport Canada monitor the situation with Oceanex closely at this time, to ensure that adequate service is maintained. The letter to the Transport Minister can be found at the first red bar below.

Supply Chain Commentaries

1) FreightWaves – reports on the Need for Financial Relief for Canadian Truckers

The FreightWaves article can be found at the second red bar below.

2) The Conference Board of Canada: COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions

The 16-page report focuses on the disruptions that could lead long-term changes in the way businesses manage their supply chains. The report can be found at the third red bar below.

FMA Government Relations

FMA has continuing communications with Transport Canada Surface Policy and Marine Policy officials and with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). FMA met today (April 28) by conference call, with Transport Canada officials to discuss freight transportation issues impacted by the pandemic with a focus on container supply.

FMA Office Operations

FMA staff are primarily working from home. If you need to talk with us, please send messages to me at the email address below and leave a phone number where you can be reached.

Updates are on the FMA Website

All the COVID-19 updates that FMA has issued are now uploaded to the website and there is a link to them on the home page at .

The FMA updates focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on supply chains.

Information and questions from members are encouraged and will be useful in our continuing outreach to FMA members and in our communications with the government and with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. All individual company information will be kept confidential.