Service Update – All Modes


In it’s weekly service outlook, CP reports on the potential for Red River Flooding as follows.

We continue to closely monitor flooding conditions across the property specifically Southern Manitoba at Emerson subdivision. The Red River has now crested and is slowly receding. No imminent risk anticipated at this time to our operations.

Air Cargo

Air Canada announced suspension of all flights to the U.S. initially for approximately one month. The last flights before the suspension will be on April 26. The Air Canada news release can be found at the following link.

Supply Chain Commentaries

1) CBC Report on Air Canada and other airline flight suspensions

The CBC report comments on the Air Canada flight suspension to U.S. destinations and also provides the latest information on flight suspensions by WestJet and other Canadian carriers. The CBC report is at the following link.

2) Container Congestion – The Loadstar

As an example of global supply chain disruption due to COVID-19, The Loadstar is reporting on the container congestion building up in the main Bangladesh Port of Chittagong. Bangladesh is a major source of textiles sold in Canada and other western countries. The article is at the following link.

FMA Government Relations

FMA has continuing communications with Transport Canada Surface Policy and Marine Policy officials and with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Any issues that FMA members wish to bring to the attention of of government officials can be forwarded by FMA to the appropriate people at Transport Canada or telephone calls can be arranged with officials.

FMA Office Operations

FMA staff are primarily working from home. If you need to talk with us, please send messages to me at the email address below and leave a phone number where you can be reached.

Updates are on the FMA Website

All the COVID-19 updates that FMA has issued are now uploaded to the website and there is a link to them on the home page at .

The FMA updates focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on supply chains.

Information and questions from members are encouraged and will be useful in our continuing outreach to FMA members and in our communications with the government and with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. All individual company information will be kept confidential.