FMA is checking its many sources of information seven days per week and will continue to provide updates to the membership whenever new supply chain related information becomes available.  We all receive too many emails, so this may not result in daily COVID-19 bulletins, but only when there is relevant supply chain information to report.

Our colleagues at the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) provide regular updates on their website and the following link provides the latest CTA updates on the border closure and the continuing cross-border access for truckers.
There is one new rail notice from CP issued on March 21 related to shipper notifications for changes in spotting or picking up cars from shippers’ sidings.  This notice can be found at the red bar below.

 Our focus in the FMA updates will be on supply-chain impacts. In this connection, it would be appreciated if FMA members could keep us informed of impacts on your respective operations, particularly any supply chain disruptions. This will be helpful in our continuing outreach to members and our communications with the government and with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As always, all individual company information will be kept confidential.

CP Bulletin – March 21