We appreciate the feedback from FMA members on the supply chain impacts resulting from COVID-19.

We have received the below message from our friends at the PMTC this morning regarding the closure of the Canada-US Border.

Good afternoon PMTC Members,

Prime Minister Trudeau and US President Trump have just announced that the Canada-US Border will be closed to all non-essential travel. Essential services will not be affected by this border closure, and those providing these essential services, including Professional Truck Drivers, will continue to be able to cross the border when performing these duties. The length of the closure is indefinite and will be continually evaluated.

On the parking issue we mentioned in an earlier update, the FMCSA in the States has demanded that all Trucks Stops in the US remain open, and are working with the Federal Highway Authority and states to request that they stay open, or reopen their rest areas. We have been in communication with them and are hopeful it can be addressed. We will continue to communicate with authorities on this side of the border to try and ensure rest areas and trucks stops remain open in Canada as well.

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There are many sources of health-related information on COVID-19 and FMA will not generally include these in our updates. Our focus will be on supply-chain impacts. In this connection, it would be appreciated if FMA members could keep us informed of impacts on your respective operations, particularly any supply chain disruptions. This will be helpful in our continuing outreach to members and our communications with the government and with the Chamber of Commerce. As always, all individual company information will be kept confidential.