Our colleagues at the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) have passed on information that the U.S. FMCSA has temporarily suspended the truck driver Hours of Service Regulations (HOS).

The link to the FMCSA announcement which also has access to the text of the emergency declaration can be found at the following link.


Similar action by Transport Canada would be of considerable assistance to Canadian industries, particularly those retail and consumer goods companies that will need to restock vital supplies for grocery and pharmacy retail outlets. FMA will be reaching out to the appropriate Transport Canada officials recommending that they take similar action.

There are many sources of health-related information on COVID-19 and FMA will not generally include these in our updates. Our focus will be on supply-chain impacts. In this connection, it would be appreciated if FMA members could keep us informed of impacts on your respective operations, particularly any supply chain disruptions. This will be helpful in our continuing outreach to members and our communications with the government and with the Chamber of Commerce. As always, all individual company information will be kept confidential.