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FMA, the National Voice of Shippers in Canada, is the only national industry association that focuses specifically on freight transportation to promote the interests and issues affecting the viability and competitiveness of industry. FMA strives to provide services to its members which consistently meet their needs and provide good value.

The Association is uniquely positioned to articulate and advocate the interests of shippers to the public, federal, provincial and municipal governments, as well as to other interested stakeholders. Governments come to FMA for industry views and we go to government with shipper concerns.

FMA is also committed to raising the profile of shippers and to communicating the important economic impact of a healthy, viable industry at the regional, national and international levels.

Members benefit from advisory and other support services where these can be provided on a cost-effective basis through the Association. FMA:

  • Promotes legislation through advocacy, which reflects the transportation and distribution needs of our member companies;
  • Addresses common concerns with stakeholders at the federal and provincial levels and with the carrier community;
  • Offers access to a network of logistics practitioners for best practice sharing;
  • Enhances the knowledge of transportation and distribution practitioners in regulatory compliance and other aspects of logistics through member briefing sessions and seminars;
  • Provides a central resource base and a platform for member companies to communicate with various levels of government on freight transportation-related inquiries.
  • Encourages more effective access for Canadian Shippers to global transportation networks.
  • Supports member companies employees by creating access to a network of logistics practitioners for consultation and exchange of information.
  • Fosters legislation to better reflect the transportation and logistics needs of its member companies, and the broader shipper community.
  • Raises public awareness of the importance of freight transportation to the economy as a whole. 

FMA represents the transportation interests of companies that contribute more than $100 billion annually to the Canadian economy. Members purchase over $4 billion a year in transportation services.

Join now to help shape the future of the freight transportation industry!

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